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Orthodontics - FREE Teeth whitening, FREE retainers and FREE tooth Contouring With ALL Orthodontic treatments
What are orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatments are used to straighten, align and correct the positions of your teeth with dental braces. There are many different reasons that may require a brace:-

  • Teeth crowding
  • Misaligned Teeth
  • Crooked/Wonky Teeth
  • Over/Under/Cross Bites
  • Out of place teeth

We offer a wide range of modern braces to suit all of our patients needs. Depending on your exact case and needs. We will need to see you first for a free consultation to identify, which will be the most suitable system to give you the results you desire.

We often hear from our patients that they have lived for years feeling self-conscious when smiling or talking and that they have been considering straightening their teeth for quite some time but were not quite ready to move forward to achieving what they thought about for so long. Soon after embarking on their orthodontic journey, we hear ‘I wish I had done it sooner’.
First impressions really do matter. A beautiful smile radiates confidence, projects an image of success, fulfilment and wellbeing.







  • Free Consultation
  • Braces
  • Free Teeth Whitening
  • Cosmetic Recontouring
  • Retainers
Free electric toothbrush given with all orthodontic packages

Philips Sonicare EasyClean Electric Toothbrush (RRP £90)

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